1:12 Scale Miniature Vase in White and Speckling Pink

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1:12 Scale Miniature Vase in White and Speckling Pink


A miniature vase with a simple form. Subtle matte glaze in white and speckling pink.

Maddie Gerig Shelly is a ceramic miniaturist and fine artist creating a variety of carefully crafted work from expressionist to realistic. She grew up surrounded by dogs, her three older sisters and orchard trees, all of which continue to influence her and her work.
Gerig Shelly graduated from Goshen College with a B.A. in Fine Art in 2017. She has apprenticed with over six artists across the United States and has received numerous awards for her work including a Maple Scholars Research Grant in which she designed and built her own miniature pottery wheel. She is trained in miniature pottery by her aunt and mentor Jane Graber. Gerig Shelly is represented in galleries, stores and online venues across the Midwest.

I am interested in capturing an intimate moment with the viewer: shared seconds of authenticity. Quiet forms, reflective mirror finishes and soft porcelain build the personality of my pieces and demonstrate my own search for authenticity and delight. The intimate scale of my miniatures begs the viewer to come close and relish the moment.
My work is the process of searching for the root of something very human and very tender.

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