In my personal artistic practice and research, I have explored concepts of intimacy, empathy and expression as well as issues of race and sexuality. Below you will find a wide variety of projects including miniatures, design, painting and pottery/sculpture, all of which I take great pride in.

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My miniatures are a craft passed along to me from my aunt, Jane Graber. Tiny, intimate, and carefully crafted, my mid-century modern miniature forms are perfect for a 1/12 scale room box or dollhouse.

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With an emphasis on minimalism and modern design, I’ve created book layouts, covers, marketing material, logos, wedding invitations and more.


Pottery & Sculpture

I focused my undergraduate education in ceramics, creating functional dinnerware and expressive, textured scultpures that combined metal and wood.

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Painting & Drawing

My painting and drawing grew out of my sculptural work and interest in abstract expressionism. In my two dimensional work I seek to capture a similar gestural movement as with my sculptural forms.