Potters, Community and Woodfiring

Summer means communities of potters are dusting the cobwebs out of their outdoor woodfired kilns, and starting to split wood! I’ve been fortunate to connect with local potters here in Buffalo, NY as well as keep my connections to the potters community of my hometown, Goshen Indiana. 

Woodfirings are my favorite form of glazing and firing pottery: each piece is entirely unique and irreplaceable. The pieces are often glazed entirely by the wood that fuels the kiln. The kiln is stoked constantly for 40-70 hours, allowing the ash from the wood to melt and build up on the surfaces of the pieces, creating a completely natural glaze. 

I love that it takes a whole community to do a firing like this. Each piece that comes from a firing like this carries a meaning and a story from the potters who made the firing possible.
I've finally gotten around to uploading some of these pieces onto my online store. I hope you find them as special and noteworthy as I do!