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Hudson River Exchange:Summer Market

June 22-24
Hudson Riverfront Park, Hudson NY

The Hudson River Exchange’s annual Summer Market is held at the Hudson Riverfront Park in Hudson, New York. Summer Market is a weekend gathering of creativity and exchange, bringing together about 100 makers, collectors, farmers, live musicians and community organizers to celebrate creation, connection, and the scenic beauty that is the Hudson Valley.


Michiana Pottery Tour

September 29 & 30
Goshen/Elkhart, IN

The Michiana Pottery Tour will be held September 29 & 30 featuringtwenty three artist, 6 different stops and beautiful pottery. It's a celebration of ceramics, working artists and the Michiana region. I will be at Stop 6 hosted by artist Dick Lehman alongside Mark Nafziger and David Gamber.

For a map of the tour and to plan your visit, go to www.michianapotterytour.com


Jane Graber's Open House

October 6
Goshen, IN

Jane's open house will be held at Found Gallery on Saturday, October 6th. This annual event is held every fall in Goshen, IN at the family gallery, Found. Jane, for those who don't know, is my aunt and mentor (and the one who taught me how to make miniatures!) and has generously invited me to join her and display my miniatures next to hers. It's a wonderful annual tradition that includes a generous spread of food, beautiful miniature pottery and the gathering of many family and friends. We hope you will join us for this wonderful event!

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions, need directions or want recommendations for lodging, food or activities in the area.

Why Miniature?

An Illusion

When I work in miniature I love that I am not only creating art, but also an illusion of something larger, of a different time, or something unattainable to me in full scale. In miniature we can recreate small worlds of the past, or even an alternative to the present, something that is awfully tempting, considering the state of the world.



As miniaturists, we create objects somewhere in between toys and art. The look of joy, awe, and satisfaction on my viewer’s faces is one of the most rewarding experiences of my daily existence. It is every artist's dream to communicate effectively with viewers, and I feel that my art communicates without saying much at all.  


The Difference

I have also found that working in miniature sets me free from many limitations that I found paralyzing in full scale. As a perfectionist and a potter, I nurtured a very full “ceramic graveyard” in my backyard where I would destroy pots I didn’t like. I was torn: I hated creating so much physical waste with these shards of pottery and also so much energy waste I spent firing kilns to try to create something worth keeping. The result was playing it safe in form and surface design. Experimenting proved too much of a risk both in material cost to me as well as environmental impact.

Working in miniature, I have so much more creative freedom to experiment. My kiln is half a square foot in size and I fire it every two months on average, saving copious amounts of energy. I can invest in a variety and small amounts of glaze; pints will last me a year. I use mere grams of clay to create my vessels and am able to use every crumb of porcelain. My studio practice is based on efficiency and tedious attention to detail. 

The trade-off: my eyes will probably go bad before I reach thirty.

Worth it!

Artist Manifesto

Artist Manifesto

In this blog post I discuss the process of writing my own artist manifesto and a couple of my inspirational friends and fellow artists including Jess Sprunger, Mandy Schlabach, Taylor Skillen and Nikita Zook. If you have a manifesto, I would love to read it. Please share!

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